The Secret to Danish Happiness?

1 March 2016

So I’ve decided to participate in this whole “daily prompts” thing, to feel motivated to write more on this blog because it makes me feel good to write about my life on this page. I know it’s not really my style (if I even have a style yet) but I figured I’d give it a try. So without further a due, here it goes.

So instead of writing some sappy story about the secret to happiness or wealth or something stupid and lame like that, I figured I would do something fun. Because these prompts are totally up to interpretation, I am going to do a google search of secrets. If you’re still confused, what I am going to do is type into google: “the secret to…” and then each letter of the alphabet. Then I am going to explain the secret to that thing in my own words without knowing the actual answers.

A. What is the secret to Adma Stronghold? Okay, well I have no idea what Adma Stronghold is, but I’m assuming the secret to this is to wear the sassiest clothing you have and then eat mounds of Belgian waffles like nobody’s business.

B. What is the secret to ballin? Umm…. a ball?

C. What is the secret to caramelizing onions? The same secret as caramelizing bell peppers: ditch the vegetables and just eat the caramel. What that’s not what that is? Oh well.

D. What is the secret to danish happiness? Ha, well the reason that Danish people are so happy is because they know that their lives are boring, so they don’t have high expectations, so I guess, don’t have high expectations…

E. What is the secret to escaping duck tape? Crocodilian tape. Chomp, chomp.

F. What is the secret to fanduel? Fans dual? Um… I guess a big joist and a trusty steed.

G. What is the secret to getting clean? Avoiding mud puddles.

H. What is the secret to hacking terminals in Fallout 4? Wtf? Breaking into government organizations is never a good idea!! That is what they are talking about, right?

I. What is the secret to ihop pancakes? Syrup, yum.

J. What is the secret between Jason and Bryn? Tom farted.

K. What is the secret to kissing? Ask Ryan Gosling, he looks pretty good at it.

L. What is the secret to life, the universe, and EVERYTHING? 42. P.S. There’s no need to yell.

M. What is the secret to magic? Faith, trust, and pixie dust.

N. What is the secret to Netflix? Dude………… welcome to the 21st century.

O. What is the secret to Obama? HE’S A MUSLIM?? No. Why is that a thing? Is it cuz he’s black? That’s racist.

P. What is the secret to peeling boiled eggs? Make sure it’s boiled before you start peeling.

Q. What is the secret to quick change artists? They’re sneaky little rats that feed off happiness and joy. I don’t really know, that’s just an assumption.

R. What is the secret to reaching someone with words? Using your words.

S. What is the secret to solving a rubix cube? Youtube.

T. What is the secret to tic tac toe? What are you 5? Everyone knows you put your first mark in the middle cube! Duh…

U. What is the secret to unlocking terminals in fallout 4? This stupid game again?!

V. What is the secret to Victoria’s secret? Oo that sounds scandalous… She’s really an A cup.

W. What is the secret to winning the lottery? Don’t spend all your money on the lottery.

X. What is the secret to xbox 360? I don’t even care.

Y. What is the secret to yeti coolers? Martians.

Z. What is the secret to zombies? Um well they don’t have any emotional range, so they don’t have secrets…… so nothing?

Okay, I’m finally done and that was exhausting and now I’m going to list a whole bunch of obnoxious tags, so I hope you enjoyed!

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